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Beginning in 1998, the growth of our church necessitated a need to expand our property and facilities.

  • In 1998, Purchased Land from SAC, $189,000
  • In 2000, Built the Family Life Center, $3,327,000
  • In 2003, Purchased the South Lot, $259,000
  • In 2004, Purchased the South Campus Building, $1,107,500
  • In 2005, Remodeled the South Campus, $264,000
  • The Total Capital Investment, $5,146,500

Through the wonderful blessings of the Lord and a steadfast focus on discipleship, today Thanksgiving! is a congregation with vibrant spirituality; where lives are being healed, set free and transformed in Christ! We have a very bright future, and it is exciting to think about where the Lord will lead us in the next decade.

One of the ways for us to prepare for the future is to be as financially healthy as possible so that we might be fiscally ready to respond to God’s leading. Thankfully, through a number of previous capital appeals – including the most recent in-house appeals for debt reduction, Pathway to Freedom and Staying the Course – we expect that by April of this year we will have retired approximately $4,146,500 in debt, leaving $1,000,000 due as a balloon payment in December 2018. We want to be prepared to retire this remaining debt when it comes due; and also address some other needs.

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In order for Thanksgiving! to accomplish this, we have launched a three-year capital appeal titled, Preparing...

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Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name....

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What is Preparing for the Future?
It is the name of our new capital appeal which seeks to raise financial resources from members of our church family – above and beyond our regular offerings – to address some needs not easily met by our regular contributions to the General Ministry Fund.

What are the specific needs being addressed in this appeal?
We want to eliminate the remainder of our debt when a balloon payment comes due in December 2018, to replace the money from the reserve account used for the retaining wall, to provide initial funding for the T!LC Endowment Fund, and to address some capital improvements.

What is the reason for eliminating our debt?
Debt can be an important financial tool to accomplish the ministry and mission of any church. But it can also be a burden, as has been our debt at times. We believe that God is preparing us for a new season of ministry, and being debt free will free and position us to respond joyfully to his leading.

What are the needed capital improvements?
Some of the needs include a new roof on the Family Life Center, upgrades in technology,
and some modifications to our existing offices to make room for new staff members.

What are the specific financial goals of Preparing for the Future?

$1M …….. For Balloon Payment Due December 2018
(Eliminates all Debt)
$100K …….. For Reserve Account
(Replaces Money for Retaining Wall Repairs)
$200K …….. For Initial Funding of T!LC Endowment Trust
$200K …….. For Capital Improvements
$1,500,000 Total Goal

How long does Preparing for the Future last?
This is a three-year capital appeal that will begin in May 2016.

How large a contribution should I give?
We recognize that the financial situation of each member of our church family is unique. We encourage you to first ask God to show you how much he wants you to contribute,  and in faithful obedience to act on his prompting. Carefully fill out the Estimate of Giving Card for Preparing for the Future, indicating the amount of your total threeyear gift, as well how you intend to give it. Then, return the card to worship services the weekend of May 1, Commitment Sunday.

Remember that the Lord does not require equal gifts but encourages equal sacrifice.

When do we begin making our contributions?
Contributions may be made at any time during the three-year appeal. However, on May 14 & 15, we will have a First Fruits Sunday during which you will be encouraged to make a generous initial gift if possible.

Are there other kinds of gifts I can make?
Yes. Examples include securities and stocks.
You may contact Harold Carlson in the church office if you have any questions in this regard (402-292-2695).